Mid North Coast Pioneers - Newcastle to Lismore and beyond

Jessie GRIBBLE1829

Given names
Birth between 1829 and 1830 22

Gribble - Thomas and Avery - Hester
Gribble - Thomas and Avery - Hester

Note: Image kindly provided by Yolonda Wyatt.

Marriage of parentsThomas GRIBBLEHester AVERYView this family
September 28, 1829
Gribble - Thomas and Avery - Hester
Gribble - Thomas and Avery - Hester

Note: Image kindly provided by Yolonda Wyatt.

Marriage of a parentThomas RIVERSHester AVERYView this family
September 9, 1832 (Age 3 years)
Address: St. Philip or St. Jacob.
Gribble - Thomas and Avery - Hester
Gribble - Thomas and Avery - Hester

Note: Image kindly provided by Yolonda Wyatt.

Birth of a half-sisterMary Ann GRIBBLE
March 26, 1844 (Age 15 years)
Citation details: 27 March 2007

Email from Christine White 27 March, 2007.


Until I check what's on Ancestry etc, here's some info re Edward Albert Elphick's grandmother - Bathsheba Friend.

FRIEND, Bathsheba B. 1815c; D. 3 August, 1887 Born Hawkhurst, Kent UK, died North Waratah, NSW.

Arrived aboard the 'Eleanor' on 21 August, 1841. Her immigration record noted that she was born in Hawkhurst; her parents were Thomas FRIEND and Phillis WOOLYER & were still alive; she was sponsored by Thomas Gore & Co; was in good health, but had been in quarantine during the voyage; could read and write her 'calling' was cook and her religion was Protestant.

She was accompanied by her 2 sons, Charles 5 years & William 1½ . Her first husband Richard ELPHICK died at sea during the voyage.

Also aboard the 'Eleanor' were Bathsheba's sister Rebecca, born 23 November, 1817, Hawkhurst, Kent and her husband, Henry Francis WOODGATE. Rebecca & Henry married at Hawkhurst. They are believed to have had one child, born approx 1840, Hawkhurst.

Children of Bathsheba Friend & Richard ELPHICK: 1.Charles ELPHICK, b abt 1836 Hawkhurst, UK; d 1903 Newcastle NSW. 2.William ELPHICK, b abt 1840 Hawkhurst, UK

More about William ELPHICK. Little is known about William's early life. It is known that he had a relationship with Mary Ann Gribble. A record of their marriage has not been located. They had 3 children: 1.Charles born about 1862 at Lachlan Diggings, NSW. 2.Richard Thomas (named for his 2 grandfathers) born at Cashmere Station, Qld 1868 and died the same year. 3.Bathsheba Jane (named for her 2 grandmothers) born 1869 at Cashmere Station, Qld.

William was a butcher by trade.

Mary Ann Gribble was born in 1844 at Wilberforce NSW. Her parents were convicts, Thomas Gribble and Jane Irwin.

Charles (eldest son of William Elphick & Mary Ann Gribble) married Sarah McNanley, 1884 in Brisbane. (The Qld BDM record 1884/B009319 records her name as Silby McNanley.) Sarah was born in Manchester UK 1863. Her parents were Felix McNanley and Sarah Watson who may have arrived in Australia via Moreton Bay.

Charles and Sarah eventually moved to Victoria where Charles worked in Melbourne for some time before moving to Gippsland where he worked in a coal mine before settling on a dairy farm outside Foster in South Gippsland where they remained for the rest of their lives. They had a total of 9 children, including Alice Bathsheba Elphick, born 1898.

Bathsheba Jane married James Thomas Rogers in 1889 at Mormanton, Qld. James was a Customs officer. They had one unnamed child in 1892, who died shortly after birth. It is not known if they had any other children.

More about Charles ELPHICK (son of Bathsheba FRIEND & Richard ELPHICK, b abt 1856). Charles died in 1903 aged about 47 years, in Newcastle and it is stated on his birth certificate that it was unknown whether he was married or had children. He was a butcher by trade. (Jan - I have a copy of Charles's death certificate on file - happy to send a copy if you'd like it. cw)

Bathsheba formed a relationship with Thomas Mead WELLER. No record of a marriage has been located.

Children of Thomas Mead WELLER and Bathsheba FRIEND: 1.Sarah L WELLER b 1843, Sydney; d 1843 Sydney. Baptised 22 November, 1843, St Matthews CoE, Windsor. 2.Henry WELLER, b 12 July 1844; Stoke Hill, NSW d 18 December, 1908, Sydney 3.Rebecca WELLER, b 1848; m Captain Henry BASTIANS (BDM Ref V18481174 33A/1848). 4.Thomas WELLER, b 1851, St Matthews Windsor NSW (BDM Ref V18511837 37A/1851)

NB: Another descendant has suggested that Bathsheba & Richard Elphick also had a 3rd son who did not accompany them to Australia. I cannot confirm this & I don't know their sources.

Bye for now, Chris

Citation details: V18441307 33A/1844 GRIBBLE MARY A THOMAS JANE --
Elphick-Bathsheba Jane
Elphick-Bathsheba Jane

Note: Image provided by Christine White.

Note: Her husband, William, stated at the time of the birth of her daughter Bathsheba, that Mary was born in Windsor, NSW.
Birth of a half-brotherThomas GRIBBLE
February 28, 1846 (Age 17 years)
Citation details: V18461306 33A/1846 GRIBBLE THOMAS THOMAS JANE --
Birth of a half-sisterJane GRIBBLE
January 23, 1848 (Age 19 years)
Citation details: V18481309 33A/1848 GRIBBLE JANE THOMAS JANE --
Marriage of a parentThomas GRIBBLEJane IRWINView this family
Type: Religious marriage
May 15, 1848 (Age 19 years)
Address: Church of England
Citation details: V1848248 33B/1848 GRIBBLE THOMAS IRVIN JANE CM

The CM indicates information obtained from the old church records of the Church of England, Wilberforce. Note the name of Jane IRVIN and not IRWIN.

Quality of data: primary evidence
Gribble - Tomas and Irwin - Jane
Gribble - Tomas and Irwin - Jane

Note: Image kindly supplied by Yolonda Wyatt.

Note: Witnesses to the marriage were Henry Davis and Mary Coffee.
Baptism of a half-sisterMary Ann GRIBBLE
May 15, 1848 (Age 19 years)
Baptism of a half-brotherThomas GRIBBLE
May 15, 1848 (Age 19 years)
Baptism of a half-sisterJane GRIBBLE
May 15, 1848 (Age 19 years)
Birth of a half-sisterSarah GRIBBLE
May 5, 1849 (Age 20 years)

Citation details: V18492477 34A/1849 GRIBBLE SARAH THOMAS JANE --
Death of a half-sisterSarah GRIBBLE
December 31, 1849 (Age 20 years)

Publication: New South Wales Government
Citation details: V185058 36A/1850 GRIBBLE SARAH INFANT -- --
Birth of a half-sisterSarah Ann GRIBBLE
February 18, 1854 (Age 25 years)
Citation details: V1854360 40/1854 GRIBBLE SARAH A THOMAS JANE --
Baptism of a half-sisterSarah Ann GRIBBLE
April 9, 1854 (Age 25 years)
Marriage of a half-siblingWilliam ELPHICKMary Ann GRIBBLEView this family
before 1862 (Age 33 years)

Death of a fatherThomas GRIBBLE
March 1862 (Age 33 years)
Publication: New South Wales Government
Marriage of a half-siblingThomas George MORGANJane GRIBBLEView this family
February 28, 1871 (Age 42 years)
Citation details: 1871/569 Gribble Jane Morgan Thomas George
Citation details: 24 February 2010

Hi Stuart,

My connection is through : Jane Gribble (daughter of Thomas Gribble and Jane Irwin), then Alice Maude Morgan (daughter of Thomas George Morgan and Jane Gribble), then Evelyn Maud Pope (daughter Thomas Henry Pope and Alice Maude Morgan) then Mayse Dowling (daughter of George Dowling and Evelyn Maud Pope), then Marlene Young (daughter of Albert George Young/Paish and Mayse Dowling), then me, Yolonda Wyatt (nee Bond - Daughter of Ivor Bond and Marlene Young). I have a photo of Alice Maude Morgan.

Let me know which is your family line.

The detailed Convict info/description of Thomas Gribble stated he was married and had 1 male child. In the Bristol/Gloucestershire Marriages 1800-1837 Part 5 - 28/9/1829 Thomas Gribble and Hester Avery (botp - St Phillip and St Jacob parish).

From other rellies they state the son's name was Jessie and died young (this I still need to research) but it could be true as Thomas had a 'J and stars' tattoo on his arm.

I got your link from Claim a Convict is this the web site your refering to?

Good to hear from you.

regards Yolonda

Marriage of a half-siblingJohn Brewer LEWISMary Ann GRIBBLEView this family
July 27, 1879 (Age 50 years)
Publication: Internet search site.
Citation details: 1879/C000834 Lewis John Brewer Mary Anne Elphick
Death of a half-sisterMary Ann GRIBBLE
September 15, 1895 (Age 66 years)
Citation details: 1895/2116 Mary Annie Lewis John Gribble Jane Irvin
Death of a half-sisterJane GRIBBLE
February 20, 1927 (Age 98 years)
Citation details: 1927/330 Jane Morgan Thomas Gribble Jane Irwin
Death of a half-brotherThomas GRIBBLE
about 1930 (Age 101 years)
Publication: New South Wales Government

Note: Died as an infant.
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: September 28, 1829Bristol, Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom
15 months
Father’s family with Jane IRWIN - View this family
Marriage: May 15, 1848Wilberforce, New South Wales, Australia
-4 years
23 months
Birth: February 28, 1846 39 31Windsor, New South Wales, Australia
Death: about 1930Coonabarabran, New South Wales, Australia
23 months
15 months
5 years
Mother’s family with Thomas RIVERS - View this family
Marriage: September 9, 1832Bristol, Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom