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Margaret Nancy TIDYMANAge: 75 years18511927

Margaret Nancy TIDYMAN
Given names
Margaret Nancy
Married name
Margaret Nancy RICHARDSON
Birth November 21, 1851 37 36

Birth of a brotherLawrence Fred TIDYMAN

Death of a sisterElizabeth Alice TIDYMAN
July 10, 1852 (Age 7 months)
Birth of a brotherCuthbert TIDYMAN
1854 (Age 2 years)

Birth of a brotherGeorge Milton TIDYMAN
December 26, 1857 (Age 6 years)

Death of a brotherCuthbert TIDYMAN
before 1860 (Age 8 years)
Death of a fatherJames TIDYMAN
November 23, 1865 (Age 14 years)
Marriage of a siblingRichard TIDYMANHarriet A. “Hattie” SEAMANView this family
September 9, 1866 (Age 14 years)
Publication: Web site
Note: The Tidyman family web site has this marriage taking place on 1 August, 1867 in LeRoy, Wisconsin, USA.
Marriage of a siblingWilliam Henry TIDYMANMelissa JACKView this family
October 1, 1868 (Age 16 years)
Marriage of a siblingGeorge Milton TIDYMANLydia J. GIBSONView this family
July 18, 1881 (Age 29 years)
Marriage of a siblingRichard TIDYMANSusan View this family
August 17, 1884 (Age 32 years)
Death of a motherMargaret NEWSHAM
February 12, 1886 (Age 34 years)

Death of a brotherGeorge Milton TIDYMAN
August 13, 1886 (Age 34 years)
Death of a brotherLawrence Fred TIDYMAN
April 18, 1893 (Age 41 years)

Death of a brotherJohn N. TIDYMAN
February 24, 1896 (Age 44 years)
Death of a brotherJames TIDYMAN
August 16, 1901 (Age 49 years)
Marriage of a siblingRichard TIDYMANAnna WRIGHTView this family
April 21, 1910 (Age 58 years)

Death of a brotherThomas TIDYMAN
September 26, 1915 (Age 63 years)
Death of a brotherWilliam Henry TIDYMAN
April 25, 1918 (Age 66 years)
Note: Oregon does not have a county named Newburg. There are many towns named this, but none in Oregon.
Death of a brotherRichard TIDYMAN
May 22, 1922 (Age 70 years)
Citation details: Email 29 Jan 2007

Hi Stuart,

Nice to hear from you.

I cannot quickly find Harriet TIDYMAN in my tree. She must be a child of a > family about whom I do not have any information. I would be very pleased > of any information that you can supply on the TIDYMAN family.> I'll make a brief line of my husband for you... Corey Alan Jacobs his parents: Marjorie Ilene Coen and Michael Lynne Jacobs her parents: Dorothy Jane Rudeen and Clifton Murl Coen his parents: Lottie Marie Marsh and Murl Ross Coen her parents: Harriet Arvilla Tidayman (1869- 1957) and George Clayton Marsh (1860 - 1929) her parents: Harriet A. Seaman (1850 - 1883) and RIchard Tidyman (1844 in Liverpool, England - 1922 in USA) his parents: James Tidyman and Margaret Newsham (both born in UK) his parents: John Tidyman (1792 - 1824 Egremont, England) and Ann Davis (b. 1785 in Whitehaven) his parents: John Tidyman (1757 - 1806) and Sara Towers (b. 1764) his parents: Thomas Tidyman (1732 - 1793) and Sara Boyer (1737 - 1799) his parents: John Tidyman and Tamar Hellon

I believe that my Thomas Tidyman is not in your family tree, but a brother to another John, who is in your tree. I can send you a gedcom with all of his info and his descendants, if you wish.

John and Tamar are my 6th Great Grandparents. There are over 2,000 direct > descendants of this family in my tree. The sad part is that you and your > husband are not included!!> > > In my information I have that John's father was Francis > > Tidyman born in 1683 in Bolton, England. I believe that you > > have a Joseph as his father.> > Yes, that is what is displayed in my tree. However, we may be wrong! A > fellow researcher who has an Account with my web site has done most of the > research on the TIDYMAN line. With your permission I will give her your > email address and maybe she will contact you.

Please share my info with anyone who is interested in the family tree. I love being able to get information and share it.

You please help me figure out the father of John? Thank you > > also for putting up such a great website. I was able to add > > information on the descendants of John and Tamar to my tree.> > You are going to be busy if you are going to add all of the descendants!

Oh, don't worry... I just added bits and pieces... and thanks, I do like working with your database. I also made sure that the info I took is linked to your webpages.

While I am waiting to see if you will give permission for me to give the > other researcher your email address, I will have a closer look at the > John-Joseph connection to see if I can throw any further light on your > question. But I think it unlikely as most of the information I have is > included on the web site. My biggest problem is that I can't seem to find reference to Joseph Tidyman in any of my records. Plus, if what I have is correct I have more ancestors on John Tidyman (husband of Tamar Hellon).

I have that his father is Francis Tidyman (1683 - 1729) His parents are John (1664 - 1709) and Agnes Tidyman. His father: John Tidyman (1634 - 1667) and his father is Mungo Tidyman

Thanks again for making contact and I look forward to corresponding with > you.> > Kind regards and best wishes,> > -- > Stuart Gregory> Perth> Western Australia

I can't wait to hear back from you. I will be going out of town tomorrow evening for the next few days, so I may not get back to you right away.

Samantha Jacobs Colorado USA

Death May 2, 1927 (Age 75 years)
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: February 2, 1837Preston, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom
elder brother
Birth: July 22, 1838 23 22Scotforth, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom
Death: February 24, 1896Waukegan, Lake, Illinois, United States of America
22 months
elder brother
Birth: May 24, 1840 25 24
Death: September 26, 1915Beaver Crossing, Seaward, Nebraska, United States of America
21 months
elder brother
Birth: March 5, 1842 27 26
Death: August 16, 1901Waupon, Portage, Wisconsin, United States of America
23 months
elder brother
20 months
elder sister
3 years
elder brother
3 years
11 months
Margaret Nancy TIDYMAN
Birth: November 21, 1851 37 36
Death: May 2, 1927Marion, Kansas, United States of America
3 years
younger brother
Cuthbert TIDYMAN
Birth: 1854 39 38
Death: before 1860LeRoy, Dodge, Wisconsin, United States of America
4 years
younger brother