Mid North Coast Pioneers - Newcastle to Lismore and beyond


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Given names Surname GIVN SURN Sosa SOSA Birth SORT_BIRT Place NCHI Death SORT_DEAT Age AGE Place Last change CHAN SEX BIRT DEAT TREE
Alfred Victor CROWE
Alfred VictorAAAACROWECROWEAAAAAlfred Victor0about 19142420316105West Maitland, , New South Wales, Australia00August 17, 19852446295347126161New South Wales, Australia0MYESY100 
Bernard V CROWE
Bernard VAAAACROWECROWEAAAABernard V0about 19122419585107West Maitland, , New South Wales, Australia00December 2, 191224197391060336West Maitland, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESYES 
Bertrand Joseph CROWE
Bertrand JosephAAAACROWECROWEAAAABertrand Joseph0about 18962413742123West Maitland, , New South Wales, Australia00about 19612437483586523741Maitland, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESY100 
Br. Brian Francis CROWE
Brother DENNIS
Brian FrancisAAAACROWECROWEAAAABrian Francis0February 4, 1929242564790Maitland, , New South Wales, Australia00September 29, 19642438668543513021Melbourne, , Victoria, Australia0MY100Y100 
Catherine A CROWE
Catherine AAAAACROWECROWEAAAACatherine A0about 19032416298116West Maitland, , New South Wales, Australia00yes2460128-10FYESYES 
Dorothy C CROWE
Dorothy CAAAACROWECROWEAAAADorothy C0about 19042416663115West Maitland, , New South Wales, Australia00about 190524170291141366West Maitland, , New South Wales, Australia0FYESYES 
Francis Aloysius J CROWE
Francis Aloysius JAAAACROWECROWEAAAAFrancis Aloysius J0October 8, 18942413110124West Maitland, , New South Wales, Australia77August 14, 19772443370428230260Camden, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESY100 
Imelda E CROWE
Imelda EAAAACROWECROWEAAAAImelda E0about 19062417394113West Maitland, , New South Wales, Australia00about 1906241739411300West Maitland, , New South Wales, Australia0FYESYES 
John PAAAACROWECROWEAAAAJohn P0about 19072417759112West Maitland, , New South Wales, Australia00yes2461589-10MYESYES 
Leonard J CROWE
Leonard JAAAACROWECROWEAAAALeonard J0about 19062417394113West Maitland, , New South Wales, Australia00about 1906241739411300West Maitland, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESYES 
Marjorie H B CROWE
Marjorie H BAAAACROWECROWEAAAAMarjorie H B0about 19102418855109West Maitland, , New South Wales, Australia00February 1, 191124190691081396West Maitland, , New South Wales, Australia0FYESYES 
Mary AAAAACROWECROWEAAAAMary A0about 19092418490110West Maitland, , New South Wales, Australia00yes2462320-10FYESYES 
Richard Paul CROWE
Richard PaulAAAACROWECROWEAAAARichard Paul0about 19022415933117West Maitland, , New South Wales, Australia00about 19732441866467125933Sydney, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESY100 
Sabina N CROWE
Sabina NAAAACROWECROWEAAAASabina N0about 18982414473121West Maitland, , New South Wales, Australia00before 20182458302-10FYESYES 
SarahAAAACROWECROWEAAAASarah0estimated 1801237904411before 19212422873-10FYESYESR
Fr Terrence Patrick CROWE
Terrence PatrickAAAACROWECROWEAAAATerrence Patrick0January 14, 1931242635688Maitland, , New South Wales, Australia00September 3, 19902448138295921782Bulli, , New South Wales, Australia0MY100Y100 
Unnamed CROWE
UnnamedAAAACROWECROWEAAAAUnnamed01928242542991Maitland West, , New South Wales, Australia00192824254299100Maitland West, , New South Wales, Australia0MY100Y100 
William CROWE
WilliamAAAACROWECROWEAAAAWilliam0calculated 1836239182718311November 12, 189624138761226022231Telarah, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESYESR
William Clement CROWE
William ClementAAAACROWECROWEAAAAWilliam Clement0about 19002415203119West Maitland, , New South Wales, Australia00about 19642438578556423375Kurri Kurri, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESY100 
William Francis Aloysius CROWE
William Francis AloysiusAAAACROWECROWEAAAAWilliam Francis Aloysius0calculated 187124046111481414July 7, 19212422878985018449West Maitland, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESY100