Mid North Coast Pioneers - Newcastle to Lismore and beyond


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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
about 1873146Waterloo, , New South Wales, Australia0
Albert Castilla BAGNALL
August 7, 1875144Waterloo, , New South Wales, Australia0October 23, 19397964Raymond Terrace, , New South Wales, Australia
Albert Edward BAGNALL
July 17, 1847172New Glasgow, Queens County, Prince Edward Island, Canada11January 6, 191010962Auckland, New Zealand
Albert Eric Ralston BAGNALL
about 1896123New Zealand0about 191810122New Zealand
Albert Stewart BAGNALL
about 1900119New Zealand0about 19714871New Zealand
Alice Mabel Gladys BAGNALL
about 1890129New Zealand0about 19358445New Zealand
Alice Margaret BAGNALL
about 1891128New Zealand0about 18911280New Zealand
Alma Brenda Muriel BAGNALL
February 24, 1902117New Zealand0June 1, 19318829Onehunga, New Zealand
Annie Mabel BAGNALL
May 1873146New Zealand0December 23, 18731450Thames, New Zealand
Arthur Errett BAGNALL
about 1891128New Zealand0about 19665375New Zealand
Brent Llewellyn BAGNALL
about 1883136New Zealand0about 19318848New Zealand
Charles Louis BAGNALL
about 18621570June 14, 188313621Turua, New Zealand
Doris Ethne Gwendolyn BAGNALL
about 1897122New Zealand0
about 1886133Waterloo, , New South Wales, Australia0
Eliza Emma BAGNALL
April 15, 1884135Turua, New Zealand0
Elizabeth Vera BAGNALL
Elizabeth Vera LAWRY
about 1886133New Zealand0about 19704984New Zealand
Ella Lillian BAGNALL
Ella Lillian BECKETT
about 1881138New Zealand0about 19526771New Zealand
Emily Martha BAGNALL
Emily Martha COULAM
Emilie Martha BAGNALL
February 18, 1885134Turua, New Zealand3September 4, 19665381Auckland, New Zealand
Emily Martha BAGNALL
Emily Martha COULAM
Emilie Martha BAGNALL
February 18, 1885Turua, New Zealand3September 4, 196681Auckland, New Zealand
Ernest Edward BAGNALL
about 1883136Stroud, , New South Wales, Australia0about 19546571Kurri Kurri, , New South Wales, Australia
about 1877142Waterloo, , New South Wales, Australia0
Frederick William Cecil BAGNALL
about 1888131New Zealand0about 19546566New Zealand
Geoffrey Roy BAGNALL
February 28, 1915104Bexley, , New South Wales, Australia3May 1, 19704955Kirribilli, , New South Wales, Australia
George Edward BAGNALL
about 1878141New Zealand0
George Edwin BAGNALL
1849170Prince Edward Island, Canada0August 17, 187014921Thames, New Zealand
George Elma Claude BAGNALL
July 24, 1876143Thames, New Zealand0January 28, 18771420Thames, New Zealand
George Samuel Whitehouse BAGNALL
June 4, 1818201Prince Edward Island, Canada9October 4, 188913071Turua, New Zealand
George Stevenson BAGNALL
about 1888131New Zealand0about 191810130New Zealand
Harold Carlton BAGNALL
November 30, 1868150Turua, New Zealand0October 11, 191810149Auckland, New Zealand
Horatio Nelson BAGNALL
August 11, 1895124New Zealand0about 19754479New Zealand
Horatio Nelson BAGNALL
October 1, 1857162New Glasgow, Queens County, Prince Edward Island, Canada6October 1, 19229765Herne Bay, New Zealand
about 1869150Redfern, , New South Wales, Australia0
Kalman Clifford BAGNALL
July 26, 1912107Rockdale, , New South Wales, Australia5October 10, 19902978North Ryde, , New South Wales, Australia
Laura Ethel Vyvien BAGNALL
Laura Ethel Vyvien WEETMAN
about 1886133New Zealand0
about 1881138Stroud, , New South Wales, Australia0about 19447563Kurri Kurri, , New South Wales, Australia
about 1881Stroud, , New South Wales, Australia0about 194463Kurri Kurri, , New South Wales, Australia
Lemuel Alan Weston BAGNALL
about 1894125New Zealand0about 19675273New Zealand
Lemuel John BAGNALL
December 19, 1843175New Glasgow, Queens County, Prince Edward Island, Canada5April 30, 191710273Auckland, New Zealand
Linda Maud BAGNALL
Linda Maud ALLEN
about 1880139New Zealand0about 19378257New Zealand
Margaret Ann BAGNALL
July 28, 1859160New Glasgow, Queens County, Prince Edward Island, Canada0February 5, 19467386Titirangi, New Zealand
Marjorie Brenda BAGNALL
about 1910109St. Leonards, , New South Wales, Australia0about 19813871New South Wales, Australia
Mary Freda BAGNALL
about 1886133New Zealand0about 19665380New Zealand
May Evelyn “Eva” BAGNALL
August 29, 1865154Auckland, New Zealand0May 30, 19437677Auckland, New Zealand
about 1879140Waterloo, , New South Wales, Australia0October 1, 19289149Waratah, , New South Wales, Australia
Percy Reginald BAGNALL
October 27, 1884134Turua, New Zealand0February 3, 19586173Sydney, , New South Wales, Australia
Rebecca Essie Alberta BAGNALL
Rebecca Essie Alberta HARRISON
about 1891128New Zealand0about 19348543New Zealand
Richard Wellington BAGNALL
May 4, 1851168New Glasgow, Queens County, Prince Edward Island, Canada3May 8, 19328781Epsom, New Zealand
Robert Hammond BAGNALL
about 1869150New Zealand0about 18701491New Zealand
about 1867152Redfern, , New South Wales, Australia0
about 1865154Redfern, , New South Wales, Australia0August 24, 19279262Kurri Kurri, , New South Wales, Australia
Shirley Murial BAGNALL
Shirley Murial METCALFE
February 21, 1884135New Zealand0about 19685183New Zealand
Wellington Stanley BAGNALL
Stanley Wellington BAGNALL
about 1890129New Zealand0about 19714881New Zealand
Thomas Livingstone BAGNALL
Victor Lemuel BAGNALL
March 14, 1881138Turua, New Zealand0September 13, 19546573Auckland, New Zealand
Walter Herbert BAGNALL
Walter Herbert BAGNELL
about 1891128Raymond Terrace, , New South Wales, Australia0April 13, 19615870Gloucester, , New South Wales, Australia
Wellington Stanley BAGNALL
Stanley Wellington BAGNALL
about 1890New Zealand0about 197181New Zealand
William Garfield BAGNALL
about 1882137New Zealand0about 19576275New Zealand
William Henry BAGNALL
1845174New Glasgow, Queens County, Prince Edward Island, Canada6December 9, 19289083Cheltenham, New Zealand
William James BAGNALL
about 1871148Redfern, , New South Wales, Australia0about 19497078Islington, , New South Wales, Australia
William Roy Clifford BAGNALL JP
April 10, 1882137Turua, New Zealand4May 28, 19506968Mosman, , New South Wales, Australia