Mid North Coast Pioneers - Newcastle to Lismore and beyond


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Given names Surname GIVN SURN Sosa SOSA Birth SORT_BIRT Place NCHI Death SORT_DEAT Age AGE Place Last change CHAN SEX BIRT DEAT TREE
Agnes JAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAAgnes J0about 18852409725134Casino, , New South Wales, Australia00before 20052453554-10FYESYES 
Alexander Reid OAKES
Alexander ReidAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAAlexander Reid0December 2, 1832239052018600January 30, 189824143201216523800Clermont, , Queensland, Australia0MYESYES 
Alfred Willis OAKES
Alfred WillisAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAAlfred Willis0April 18, 18662402710153Macleay River, , New South Wales, Australia00about 19472432369728029477Chatswood, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESY100 
Alice May Ker OAKES
Alice May KerAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAAlice May Ker0July 3, 18862410091133Lismore, , New South Wales, Australia00January 19, 19712440971488430880Brisbane, , Queensland, Australia0FYESY100 
Alick Cosby OAKES
Alick CosbyAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAAlick Cosby0April 29, 18642401991155Macleay River, , New South Wales, Australia22October 15, 19392429552797527561Queensland, Australia0MYESY100 
Auburn Ker OAKES
Auburn KerAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAAuburn Ker0October 18, 18992414946119Childers, , Queensland, Australia00May 8, 19612437428586122482Brisbane, , Queensland, Australia0FYESY100 
Augustus John OAKES
Augustus JohnAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAAugustus John0January 26, 18242387287195At sea1414December 20, 189324128181256925531Childers, , Queensland, Australia0MYESYES 
Augustus John OAKES
Augustus JohnAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAAugustus John0April 25, 18702404178149Macleay River, , New South Wales, Australia22about 19442431273757326913Brisbane, , Queensland, Australia0MYESY100 
Blanche Wynter OAKES
Blanche WynterAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAABlanche Wynter0about 19052417029114Queensland, Australia00about 19782443692417326663New Zealand0FYESY100 
Charles Augustus OAKES
Charles AugustusAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAACharles Augustus0about 18502396941169Macleay River, , New South Wales, Australia00about 1856239913216362191Macleay River, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESYES 
Charles Robert OAKES
Charles RobertAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAACharles Robert0February 21, 18742405576145Macleay River, , New South Wales, Australia44November 6, 19542435053648029477Queensland, Australia0MYESY100 
Clara Louisa OAKES
Clara LouisaAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAClara Louisa0May 18, 18682403471151Macleay River, , New South Wales, Australia00about 191324199511064416298Queensland, Australia0FYESYES 
Clifton Harry James OAKES
Clifton Harry JamesAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAClifton Harry James0April 11, 18842409278135Kempsey, , New South Wales, Australia00September 17, 19642438656558029378Brisbane, , Queensland, Australia0MYESY100 
Douglas Waugh OAKES
Douglas WaughAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAADouglas Waugh0July 24, 18622401346157Macleay River, , New South Wales, Australia00April 17, 191824217011015520355Queensland, Australia0MYESYES 
Eden Ker OAKES
Eden KerAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAEden Ker0October 20, 19012415678117Childers, , Queensland, Australia00April 21, 19672439602526523924Brisbane, , Queensland, Australia0FYESY100 
Edna Jessie May OAKES
Edna Jessie MayAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAEdna Jessie May0about 19112419220108Queensland, Australia00yes2463050-10FYESYES 
Eileen Anna Ker OAKES
Eileen Anna Ker ROBERTS
Eileen Anna KerAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAEileen Anna Ker0September 16, 19062417470113Childers, , Queensland, Australia00May 13, 19952449851248832381Brisbane, , Queensland, Australia0FYESY100 
Eleanor OAKES
EleanorAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAEleanor0January 10, 18552398594164Macleay River, , New South Wales, Australia1010September 21, 188924112671303412673Casino, , New South Wales, Australia0FYESYES 
Elizabeth OAKES
ElizabethAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAElizabeth0about 18062380870213New South Wales, Australia00before 19262424699-10FYESYES 
Emily Marion OAKES
Emily MarionAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAEmily Marion0July 11, 1876240644714300November 8, 19332427385855720938Queensland, Australia0FYESY100 
Eva Grace Ker OAKES
Eva Grace KerAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAEva Grace Ker0April 8, 18972414023122Childers, , Queensland, Australia22August 2, 19642438610556724587Sydney, , New South Wales, Australia0FYESY100 
Flora JAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAFlora J0about 18562399132163Macleay River, , New South Wales, Australia00before 19762442961-10FYESYES 
Flora Jessie OAKES
Flora Jessie SNODGRASS
Flora JessieAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAFlora Jessie0about 18562399132163Macleay River, , New South Wales, Australia88April 10, 19262424616937025666Macksville, , New South Wales, Australia0FYESY100R
Francis OAKES
FrancisAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAFrancis0estimated 1776236991388before 18962413742-10MYESYESR
Francis OAKES
FrancisAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAFrancis0about 18182385253201New South Wales, Australia00about 186624027851534817532Parramatta, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESYES 
Francis OAKES
FrancisAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAFrancis0calculated 1770236772224900February 15, 184423946121757427072New South Wales, Australia0MYESYESR
FrankAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAFrank0estimated 1851239730633before 19712441135-10MYESYESR
Geoffrey Willie OAKES
Geoffrey WillieAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAGeoffrey Willie0about 19072417759112Queensland, Australia00yes2461589-10MYESYES 
Gordon Stanley Ker OAKES
Gordon Stanley KerAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAGordon Stanley Ker0March 26, 19042416566115Childers, , Queensland, Australia00January 4, 19602436938595520372Brisbane, , Queensland, Australia0MYESY100 
Harold C OAKES
Harold CAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAHarold C0about 18822408629137Lismore, , New South Wales, Australia00before 20022452458-10MYESYES 
Helen CAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAHelen C0about 18522397671167Macleay River, , New South Wales, Australia00before 19722441500-10FYESYES 
Henry Augustus OAKES
Henry AugustusAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAHenry Augustus0November 17, 18512397444167Richmond River, , New South Wales, Australia1010December 20, 191024190261085921582Childers, , Queensland, Australia0MYESYES 
Henry Campbell Ker OAKES
Henry Campbell KerAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAHenry Campbell Ker0May 6, 18922412225127Lismore, , New South Wales, Australia00May 7, 19612437427586925202Ayr, , Queensland, Australia0MYESY100 
Henry Richard OAKES
Henry RichardAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAHenry Richard0March 30, 18212386255198India55September 13, 185723995711623613316Newcastle, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESYES 
Henry Robert OAKES
Henry RobertAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAHenry Robert0October 19, 17882374406230Fort St. George, India44September 9, 184223940881775319682Kempsey, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESYESR
Isabella Macdonald OAKES
Isabella Macdonald WAUCH
Isabella MacdonaldAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAIsabella Macdonald0about 18472395845172Macleay River, , New South Wales, Australia1119392429447809233602Burwood, , New South Wales, Australia0FYESY100 
James Lawry OAKES
James LawryAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAJames Lawry0August 13, 18242387487195New South Wales, Australia11August 27, 185323980931662910606Kelso, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESYES 
Jane Caroline OAKES
Jane CarolineAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAJane Caroline0September 28, 18562399221162Macleay River, , New South Wales, Australia00about 1864240205415572651Macleay River, , New South Wales, Australia0FYESYES 
Jean Doris OAKES
Jean DorisAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAJean Doris0about 19062417394113Queensland, Australia00yes2461224-10FYESYES 
Jessie Isabel OAKES
Jessie IsabelAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAJessie Isabel0June 27, 18602400589159Macleay River, , New South Wales, Australia00before 19802444422-10FYESYES 
John LAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAJohn L0about 18262388175193New South Wales, Australia00about 190124155681187527393Ryde, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESYES 
Joyce Marguerite La Barte OAKES
Joyce Marguerite La BarteAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAJoyce Marguerite La Barte0about 19062417394113Queensland, Australia00yes2461224-10FYESYES 
Louisa Jane OAKES
Louisa Jane COWAN
Louisa Jane HEIMANN
Louisa Jane CUMMINS
Louisa JaneAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAALouisa Jane0February 2, 18522397521167Bathurst, , New South Wales, Australia1616June 24, 191924221341006724613Camperdown, , New South Wales, Australia0FYESYES 
LucyAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAALucy0about 18192385618200New South Wales, Australia00before 19392429447-10FYESYES 
Madeleine Claire La Barte OAKES
Madeleine Claire La BarteAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAMadeleine Claire La Barte0about 19092418490110Queensland, Australia00yes2462320-10FYESYES 
MaryAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAMary0about 18102382331209New South Wales, Australia00before 19302426160-10FYESYES 
Mary Emily OAKES
Mary Emily LUCAS
Mary EmilyAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAMary Emily0March 17, 18722404870147Macleay River, , New South Wales, Australia88about 19602437117598732065Brisbane, , Queensland, Australia0FYESY100 
Mary Susette OAKES
Mary Susette McIVER
Mary SusetteAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAMary Susette0July 20, 18822408647137Nambucca, , New South Wales, Australia33May 5, 19712441077488832430Queensland, Australia0FYESY100 
Montague Cosby OAKES
Montague CosbyAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAMontague Cosby0December 11, 1826238833719200November 12, 189524135101236825173Portarlington, , Victoria, Australia0MYESYES 
Myra Ker OAKES
Myra KerAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAMyra Ker0April 9, 18842409276135Lismore, , New South Wales, Australia22March 29, 19432430813765821537Townsville, , Queensland, Australia0FYESY100 
Norma Gertrude OAKES
Norma GertrudeAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAANorma Gertrude0about 18982414473121Queensland, Australia00before 20182458302-10FYESYES 
Norman Clyde OAKES
Norman ClydeAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAANorman Clyde0about 18832408994136Lismore, , New South Wales, Australia00about 19612437483587828489Chatswood, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESY100 
Oswald Neville OAKES
Oswald NevilleAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAOswald Neville0about 18962413742123Queensland, Australia00about 198124447883885310460MYESY100 
Preston Augustus Ker OAKES
Preston Augustus KerAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAPreston Augustus Ker0April 17, 18902411475129Lismore, , New South Wales, Australia00April 5, 191824216891012710214France0MYESYES 
Rebecca OAKES
RebeccaAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAARebecca0about 18152384157204New South Wales, Australia00before 19352427986-10FYESYES 
Reginald Charles Wilbur OAKES
Reginald Charles WilburAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAReginald Charles Wilbur0about 19092418490110Queensland, Australia00yes2462320-10MYESYES 
Richard Liester Ker OAKES
Richard Liester KerAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAARichard Liester Ker0November 4, 18942413137124Childers, , Queensland, Australia00March 7, 19422430426774717289Ayr, , Queensland, Australia0MYESY100 
Rowland H OAKES
Rowland HAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAARowland H0about 18212386349198New South Wales, Australia00about 188824108201316724471Bathurst, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESYES 
Susan Agnes OAKES
Susan AgnesAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAASusan Agnes0September 20, 18582399943161Macleay River, , New South Wales, Australia00November 19, 19452431779738731836Queensland, Australia0FYESY100 
Thomas Henry OAKES
Thomas HenryAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAThomas Henry0July 12, 18542398412165Kempsey, , New South Wales, Australia22February 26, 19282425303917326891Kempsey, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESY100 
William Montague OAKES
William MontagueAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAWilliam Montague0April 5, 18532397949166New South Wales, Australia11November 27, 19292425943897627994Childers, , Queensland, Australia0MYESY100 
William Montague Oakes SNODGRASS
William Montague Snodgrass OAKES
William Montague SnodgrassAAAAOAKESOAKESAAAAWilliam Montague Snodgrass0August 23, 18892411238130Casino, , New South Wales, Australia00about 19562435656636624236Queensland, Australia0MYESY100