Mid North Coast Pioneers - Newcastle to Lismore and beyond


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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
about 1885135Casino, New South Wales, Australia0
Alexander Reid OAKES
December 2, 18321870January 30, 189812265Clermont, Queensland, Australia
Alfred Willis OAKES
April 18, 1866154Macleay River, New South Wales, Australia0about 19477380Chatswood, New South Wales, Australia
Alice May Ker OAKES
July 3, 1886134Lismore, New South Wales, Australia0January 19, 19714984Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Alick Cosby OAKES
April 29, 1864156Macleay River, New South Wales, Australia2October 15, 19398175Queensland, Australia
Auburn Ker OAKES
October 18, 1899121Childers, Queensland, Australia0May 8, 19615961Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Augustus John OAKES
January 26, 1824196At sea14December 20, 189312669Childers, Queensland, Australia
Augustus John OAKES
April 25, 1870150Macleay River, New South Wales, Australia2about 19447673Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Blanche Wynter OAKES
about 1905115Queensland, Australia0about 19784273New Zealand
Charles Augustus OAKES
about 1850170Macleay River, New South Wales, Australia0about 18561646Macleay River, New South Wales, Australia
Charles Robert OAKES
February 21, 1874146Macleay River, New South Wales, Australia4November 6, 19546580Queensland, Australia
Clara Louisa OAKES
May 18, 1868152Macleay River, New South Wales, Australia0about 191310744Queensland, Australia
Clifton Harry James OAKES
April 11, 1884136Kempsey, New South Wales, Australia0September 17, 19645680Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Douglas Waugh OAKES
July 24, 1862158Macleay River, New South Wales, Australia0April 17, 191810255Queensland, Australia
Eden Ker OAKES
October 20, 1901119Childers, Queensland, Australia0April 21, 19675365Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Edna Jessie May OAKES
about 1911109Queensland, Australia0
Eileen Anna Ker OAKES
Eileen Anna Ker ROBERTS
September 16, 1906114Childers, Queensland, Australia0May 13, 19952588Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Eleanor OAKES
January 10, 1855165Macleay River, New South Wales, Australia10September 21, 188913134Casino, New South Wales, Australia
Elizabeth OAKES
about 1806214New South Wales, Australia0
Emily Marion OAKES
July 11, 18761440November 8, 19338657Queensland, Australia
Eva Grace Ker OAKES
April 8, 1897123Childers, Queensland, Australia2August 2, 19645667Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
about 1856164Macleay River, New South Wales, Australia0
Flora Jessie OAKES
Flora Jessie SNODGRASS
about 1856164Macleay River, New South Wales, Australia8April 10, 19269470Macksville, New South Wales, Australia
Francis OAKES
Francis OAKES
about 1818202New South Wales, Australia0about 186615448Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia
Francis OAKES
calculated 17702500February 15, 184417674New South Wales, Australia
Geoffrey Willie OAKES
about 1907113Queensland, Australia0
Gordon Stanley Ker OAKES
March 26, 1904116Childers, Queensland, Australia0January 4, 19606055Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Harold C OAKES
about 1882138Lismore, New South Wales, Australia0
about 1852168Macleay River, New South Wales, Australia0
Henry Augustus OAKES
November 17, 1851168Richmond River, New South Wales, Australia10December 20, 191010959Childers, Queensland, Australia
Henry Campbell Ker OAKES
May 6, 1892128Lismore, New South Wales, Australia0May 7, 19615969Ayr, Queensland, Australia
Henry Richard OAKES
March 30, 1821199India5September 13, 185716336Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
Henry Robert OAKES
October 19, 1788232Fort St. George, India4September 9, 184217853Kempsey, New South Wales, Australia
Isabella Macdonald OAKES
Isabella Macdonald WAUCH
about 1847173Macleay River, New South Wales, Australia119398192Burwood, New South Wales, Australia
James Lawry OAKES
August 13, 1824196New South Wales, Australia1August 27, 185316729Kelso, New South Wales, Australia
Jane Caroline OAKES
September 28, 1856164Macleay River, New South Wales, Australia0about 18641567Macleay River, New South Wales, Australia
Jean Doris OAKES
about 1906114Queensland, Australia0
Jessie Isabel OAKES
June 27, 1860160Macleay River, New South Wales, Australia0
about 1826194New South Wales, Australia0about 190111975Ryde, New South Wales, Australia
Joyce Marguerite La Barte OAKES
about 1906114Queensland, Australia0
Louisa Jane OAKES
Louisa Jane COWAN
Louisa Jane HEIMANN
Louisa Jane CUMMINS
February 2, 1852168Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia16June 24, 191910167Camperdown, New South Wales, Australia
about 1819201New South Wales, Australia0
Madeleine Claire La Barte OAKES
about 1909111Queensland, Australia0
about 1810210New South Wales, Australia0
Mary Emily OAKES
Mary Emily LUCAS
March 17, 1872148Macleay River, New South Wales, Australia8about 19606087Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Mary Susette OAKES
Mary Susette McIVER
July 20, 1882138Nambucca, New South Wales, Australia3May 5, 19714988Queensland, Australia
Montague Cosby OAKES
December 11, 18261930November 12, 189512468Portarlington, Victoria, Australia
Myra Ker OAKES
April 9, 1884136Lismore, New South Wales, Australia2March 29, 19437758Townsville, Queensland, Australia
Norma Gertrude OAKES
about 1898122Queensland, Australia0
Norman Clyde OAKES
about 1883137Lismore, New South Wales, Australia0about 19615978Chatswood, New South Wales, Australia
Oswald Neville OAKES
about 1896124Queensland, Australia0about 19813985
Preston Augustus Ker OAKES
April 17, 1890130Lismore, New South Wales, Australia0April 5, 191810227France
Rebecca OAKES
about 1815205New South Wales, Australia0
Reginald Charles Wilbur OAKES
about 1909111Queensland, Australia0
Richard Liester Ker OAKES
November 4, 1894125Childers, Queensland, Australia0March 7, 19427847Ayr, Queensland, Australia
Rowland H OAKES
about 1821199New South Wales, Australia0about 188813267Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia
Susan Agnes OAKES
September 20, 1858162Macleay River, New South Wales, Australia0November 19, 19457487Queensland, Australia
Thomas Henry OAKES
July 12, 1854166Kempsey, New South Wales, Australia2February 26, 19289273Kempsey, New South Wales, Australia
William Montague OAKES
April 5, 1853167New South Wales, Australia1November 27, 19299076Childers, Queensland, Australia
William Montague Oakes SNODGRASS
William Montague Snodgrass OAKES
August 23, 1889131Casino, New South Wales, Australia0about 19566466Queensland, Australia