Mid North Coast Pioneers - Newcastle to Lismore and beyond


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Given names Surname GIVN SURN Sosa SOSA Birth SORT_BIRT Place NCHI Death SORT_DEAT Age AGE Place Last change CHAN SEX BIRT DEAT TREE
Alexander MUNRO
AlexanderAAAAMUNROMUNROAAAAAlexander0estimated 1769236735711before 18522397671167-1Loch Snizort, Inverness-shire, Scotland, United Kingdom0MYESYESR
Alexander MUNRO
AlexanderAAAAMUNROMUNROAAAAAlexander0calculated 18442394749175Scotland, United Kingdom00before 19642438578-10MYESYES 
Alexander G MUNRO
Alexander GAAAAMUNROMUNROAAAAAlexander G0estimated 1877240680300before 19972450632-10MYESYESR
AllanAAAAMUNROMUNROAAAAAllan0about 18832408994136Grafton, , New South Wales, Australia00before 20032452823-10MYESYES 
Angus McLeod MUNRO
Angus McLeodAAAAMUNROMUNROAAAAAngus McLeod0about 18982414473121Grafton, , New South Wales, Australia00about 19822445153378430680New South Wales, Australia0MYESY100 
Catherine “Kate” MUNRO
Catherine MOHR
CatherineAAAAMUNROMUNROAAAACatherine0estimated 185823998631010September 16, 1937242879382-1Brisbane, , Queensland, Australia0FYESY100R
Charles MUNRO
CharlesAAAAMUNROMUNROAAAACharles0between 1807 and 18102381783212Loch Snizort, Inverness-shire, Scotland, United Kingdom99January 18, 187824070031417125950Woodford Island, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESYES 
Charles MUNRO
CharlesAAAAMUNROMUNROAAAACharles0about 18852409725134Grafton, , New South Wales, Australia00March 29, 19662439214538129671Grafton, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESY100 
Charles S MUNRO
Charles SAAAAMUNROMUNROAAAACharles S0estimated 1870240424611before 19902448075-10MYESYESR
Christina MUNRO
Christina SMALL
ChristinaAAAAMUNROMUNROAAAAChristina0August 30, 18612401018158Grafton, , New South Wales, Australia00about 19432430908768129708Ashfield, , New South Wales, Australia0FYESY100R
Christy MUNRO
ChristyAAAAMUNROMUNROAAAAChristy0calculated 18412393654178Scotland, United Kingdom00before 19612437483-10FYESYES 
Daphne S MUNRO
Daphne SAAAAMUNROMUNROAAAADaphne S0about 19112419220108Stroud, , New South Wales, Australia00yes2463050-10FYESYES 
Donald MUNRO
DonaldAAAAMUNROMUNROAAAADonald0about 18332390732186Loch Snizort, Inverness-shire, Scotland, United Kingdom55July 3, 19312426526889835976Maclean, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESY100 
Donald Alexander MUNRO
Donald AlexanderAAAAMUNROMUNROAAAADonald Alexander0about 18902411551129Grafton, , New South Wales, Australia00about 19762442961438631410New South Wales, Australia0MYESY100 
Ellen Catherine MUNRO
Ellen Catherine BRANCH
Ellen CatherineAAAAMUNROMUNROAAAAEllen Catherine0calculated 1886241009013300September 18, 19702440848488430940Port Macquarie, , New South Wales, Australia0FYESY100R
Elva MAAAAMUNROMUNROAAAAElva M0estimated 1893241264700before 20132456476-10FYESYESR
Euphemia “Effy” MUNRO
EuphemiaAAAAMUNROMUNROAAAAEuphemia0calculated 18302389636189Scotland, United Kingdom00before 19502433465-10FYESYES 
FloraAAAAMUNROMUNROAAAAFlora0calculated 18392392923180Scotland, United Kingdom00before 19592436752-10FYESYES 
HughAAAAMUNROMUNROAAAAHugh0calculated 18412393654178Scotland, United Kingdom00about 19302426160898932506Maclean, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESY100 
Isabella D MUNRO
Isabella DAAAAMUNROMUNROAAAAIsabella D0estimated 1861240095911before 19812444788-10FYESYESR
Isabella Jane MUNRO
Isabella Jane WORTH
Isabella JaneAAAAMUNROMUNROAAAAIsabella Jane0about 18852409725134Taree, , New South Wales, Australia44February 24, 19312426397884616854Taree, , New South Wales, Australia0FYESY100 
Jacob Newton MUNRO
Jacob NewtonAAAAMUNROMUNROAAAAJacob Newton0about 18912411916128Taree, , New South Wales, Australia00June 16, 19692440389507828655Wauchope, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESY100 
James TAAAAMUNROMUNROAAAAJames T0estimated 1899241483800before 20192458667-10MYESYESR
JanetAAAAMUNROMUNROAAAAJanet0calculated 18282388905191Scotland, United Kingdom00before 19482432734-10FYESYES 
JohnAAAAMUNROMUNROAAAAJohn0estimated 1863240168900before 1936242835183-10MYESY100R
John Victor MUNRO
John VictorAAAAMUNROMUNROAAAAJohn Victor0estimated 1920242250700yes2466337-10MY100YESR
Kilian Horace MUNRO
Kilian HoraceAAAAMUNROMUNROAAAAKilian Horace0about 19012415568118Stroud, , New South Wales, Australia11about 19802444422397928854Waterfall, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESY100 
Leslie R MUNRO
Leslie RAAAAMUNROMUNROAAAALeslie R0about 19072417759112Stroud, , New South Wales, Australia00about 190824181241111365Stroud, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESYES 
Lindsay Gordon MUNRO
Lindsay GordonAAAAMUNROMUNROAAAALindsay Gordon0about 19092418490110Stroud, , New South Wales, Australia00September 13, 19752442669446624361New South Wales, Australia0MYESY100 
Lyla Myrtle MUNRO
Lyla Myrtle McSWAN
Lyla MyrtleAAAAMUNROMUNROAAAALyla Myrtle0about 19032416298116Grafton, , New South Wales, Australia00June 8, 198924476863086315700FYESY100 
Margaret M MUNRO
Margaret MAAAAMUNROMUNROAAAAMargaret M0about 18952413377124Stroud, , New South Wales, Australia00before 20152457206-10FYESYES 
Marion MUNRO
MarionAAAAMUNROMUNROAAAAMarion0calculated 18502396941169Scotland, United Kingdom00before 19702440770-10FYESYES 
Mary AAAAAMUNROMUNROAAAAMary A0about 18872410455132Taree, , New South Wales, Australia00about 19342427621854717166Taree, , New South Wales, Australia0FYESY100 
Mona Aloys MUNRO
Mona Aloys BERRY
Mona AloysAAAAMUNROMUNROAAAAMona Aloys0about 19032416298116Port Macquarie, , New South Wales, Australia00about 19762442961437326663New South Wales, Australia0FYESY100 
Mor N LAAAAMUNROMUNROAAAAMor N L0about 18872410455132Grafton, , New South Wales, Australia00before 20072454284-10MYESYES 
Morton H MUNRO
Morton HAAAAMUNROMUNROAAAAMorton H0after 1910241885510900about 1920242250799103652Dungog, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESY100 
Norval Pauline MUNRO
Norval Pauline EDMONDS
Norval PaulineAAAAMUNROMUNROAAAANorval Pauline0August 17, 19162421093103Tuncurry, , New South Wales, Australia11August 30, 19862446673337025580Auckland, , , New Zealand0FYESY100 
Philamine MUNRO
Philamine STEVENS
PhilamineAAAAMUNROMUNROAAAAPhilamine0calculated 186724031501521313December 4, 19562435812628932844Taree, , New South Wales, Australia0FYESY100R
Philamine Blanch MUNRO
Philamine Blanch MARTIN
Philamine BlanchAAAAMUNROMUNROAAAAPhilamine Blanch0about 18892411186130Taree, , New South Wales, Australia22June 27, 19362428347834717343Taree, , New South Wales, Australia0FYESY100 
Philip MUNRO
PhilipAAAAMUNROMUNROAAAAPhilip0about 18842409359135Wingham, , New South Wales, Australia00about 19412430178785720819Taree, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESY100 
Robert Easton MUNRO
Robert EastonAAAAMUNROMUNROAAAARobert Easton0about 18752406072144Manning River District (Taree), , New South Wales, Australia99about 19562435656638129584Dungog, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESY100 
William A MUNRO
William AAAAAMUNROMUNROAAAAWilliam A0estimated 1870240424600before 19902448075-10MYESYESR
William P MUNRO
William PAAAAMUNROMUNROAAAAWilliam P0about 18592400228160New South Wales, Australia00before 19792444057-10MYESYES 
William Philip MUNRO
William PhilipAAAAMUNROMUNROAAAAWilliam Philip0about 18592400228160New South Wales, Australia77about 189524133771243613149Stroud, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESYESR
William R MUNRO
William RAAAAMUNROMUNROAAAAWilliam R0about 18922412281127Taree, , New South Wales, Australia00about 19722441500478029219Taree, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESY100