Mid North Coast Pioneers - Newcastle to Lismore and beyond


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Given names Surname GIVN SURN Sosa SOSA Birth SORT_BIRT Place NCHI Death SORT_DEAT Age AGE Place Last change CHAN SEX BIRT DEAT TREE
Adelaide Emma HAUG
Adelaide Emma HANG
Adelaide Emma DAVIS
Adelaide EmmaAAAAHAUGHAUGAAAAAdelaide Emma0about 18732405342146Manning River District (Taree), , New South Wales, Australia00about 19432430908767025566Waverley, , New South Wales, Australia0FYESY100 
Alice Constance HAUG
Alice Constance HANG
Alice ConstanceAAAAHAUGHAUGAAAAAlice Constance0May 25, 18892411148130Wingham, , New South Wales, Australia00September 15, 19662439384537728236Raymond Terrace, , New South Wales, Australia0FYESY100 
Amelia Mary HAUG
Amelia Mary WILLIAMS
Amelia Emma HANG
Amelia MaryAAAAHAUGHAUGAAAAAmelia Mary0about 18752406072144Manning River District (Taree), , New South Wales, Australia00June 5, 191724213851024215495Redfern, , New South Wales, Australia0FYESYES 
Bertha May HAUG
Bertha May HANG
Bertha May DIMOND
Bertha MayAAAAHAUGHAUGAAAABertha May0May 26, 18842409323135Belbourie, , New South Wales, Australia00November 26, 19582436534607427211Taree, , New South Wales, Australia0FYESY100 
Charles Arthur HAUG
Charles Arthur HANG
Charles ArthurAAAAHAUGHAUGAAAACharles Arthur0about 18792407533140Manning River District (Taree), , New South Wales, Australia00February 1, 19532434410667427059Wingham, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESY100 
Gottlieb HAUG
GottliebAAAAHAUGHAUGAAAAGottlieb0estimated 1799237831411before 19192422142-10MYESYESR
Harold Douglas HAUG
Harold DouglasAAAAHAUGHAUGAAAAHarold Douglas0about 18872410455132Wingham, , New South Wales, Australia00November 8, 19472432498716022225Dapto, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESY100 
James Parsons HAUG
James ParsonsAAAAHAUGHAUGAAAAJames Parsons0about 18662402785153The Bight, , New South Wales, Australia00August 15, 19422430587777627984Wingham, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESY100 
Jane Caroline HAUG
Jane Caroline McPHERSON
Jane Caroline HANG
Jane CarolineAAAAHAUGHAUGAAAAJane Caroline0about 18682403515151Manning River District (Taree), , New South Wales, Australia33October 15, 19532434666658531333Wingham, , New South Wales, Australia0FYESY100 
Lilly Maude HAUG
Lilly Maude HANG
Lilly MaudeAAAAHAUGHAUGAAAALilly Maude0about 18822408629137Wingham, , New South Wales, Australia00April 7, 19442431188756222741Taree, , New South Wales, Australia0FYESY100 
Sarah Ann HAUG
Sarah Ann CROSS
Sarah Ann HANG
Sarah AnnAAAAHAUGHAUGAAAASarah Ann0about 18772406803142Manning River District (Taree), , New South Wales, Australia00August 5, 19432430942766624321Wingham, , New South Wales, Australia0FYESY100 
William A HAUG
William AAAAAHAUGHAUGAAAAWilliam A0about 18712404611148Manning River District (Taree), , New South Wales, Australia00about 19252424334945419723Lismore, , New South Wales, Australia0MYESY100