Mid North Coast Pioneers - Newcastle to Lismore and beyond

George Henry MANION + Sophia “Soph or Sophie” MURDOCH

2 children

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Family group information
Religious marriage October 4, 1910 Husband: 33 years Wife: 25 years
Address: St. Peter's Church of England
Citation details: 10797/1910 MANION GEORGE H MURDOCH SOPHIA
Quality of data: primary evidence
Residence between 1911 and 1923
Address: 4 Judge Street
Residence after 1923
Address: 11 Premier Street
Residence 1930
Address: 11 Premier Street
Residence 1936
Address: 11 Premier Street
Publication: 1936

George and Sophie lived at number 4 Judge Street, Woolloomooloo for 8 years. They eventually purchased a house at 11 Premier Street Marrickville in 1923 where they lived until their deaths in the fifties.