Mid North Coast Pioneers - Newcastle to Lismore and beyond

Taylor WINSHIP + Eliza Anne CROAKER

7 children
Eliza Mary WINSHIP
Birth: December 25, 1840 28 18Manning River District (Taree), New South Wales, Australia
Death: May 28, 1912Queensland, Australia
Capt. William Charles WINSHIP
Birth: April 5, 1845 33 23Lake Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia
Death: February 15, 1910Queensland, Australia
Walter Brisbane WINSHIP
Birth: August 25, 1853 41 31South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Death: May 21, 1862North Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Lawrence Daniel WINSHIP
Birth: June 24, 1862 50 40South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Death: July 4, 1862North Brisbane, New South Wales (Now Queensland), Australia

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Family group information
Religious marriage May 21, 1840
Address: St. Jame's Church
Publication: Manning Wallamba Family History Society Inc, Taree NSW, 2001
Citation details: 479
Citation details: V1840124 24B/1840 CROAKER ELIZA A WINSHIP TAYLOR CJ