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  1. JOHN KNOCK and THOMAS STOKES EVANS were indicted for stealing, on the 9th of September , ten pounds of lead, value 2s., the property of John Musgrove , and fixed to a certain building, and one fixture (that is to say), one brass cock, value 3s., his property, and fixed to the said building .

SECOND COUNT, stating it to be the property of some person or persons unknown.

JOHN MUSCROVE . The premises in question were entrusted to my care, and have been seven months in my possession; I am accountable for any thing that happens to them; I have the power of letting them; I have made good the property. The house is in Barrosa-terrace, Bethnal-green .

Mr. JOHN NORTON . I am an officer. I live at No. 7, Barrosa-terrace, which is the next house. On the 19th of September, the prisoner, Knock, called on me for the key which was left with me, and a bill in the window referred persons to me for it; the other prisoner was with him. I believe him to be the man; when they had got the key I went into my yard, and my attention was drawn to the house by a noise like wrenching, I got over the paling to the house, looked throught the kitchen window, and saw Knock and the other prisoner apparently twisting the leaden pipe - They were stooping, I ran to the front door and into the kitchen, and charged them with stealing the pipe; I collared the other man, one of them took his hand out of his pocket, put it through a broken window, and threw something into the garden; the other man rushed by me into the street, Knock ran after me and threw me down stairs, they both got out and took separate directions; I followed Knock through a field, calling, "Stop thief!" I secured him and brought him back; I never lost sight of him. I found the leaden pipe twisted off, and we fixed it to the other part and it corresponded; it was fresh wrenched off-the brass cock was found immediately, under the window in the garden.

ELIAS BACON . I live in Dean-street. I saw the prisoners pass my door together that morning; I live next door to them-about nine o'clock in the morning; my house is a quarter of a mile from the house.

RICHARD HORSPOOL . I am a baker, and live at Stepney. I was at a friend's house, and saw the prisoner, Knock, run across the field and Mr. Norton following him; I went to the house and saw the pipe lying at the sink, and the cock in the garden.

THOMAS GARTON . I am an officer of Worship-street, Knock was brought to me-and the other man described to me; I went to look for him. On the 11th of September, between ten and eleven o'clock at night I went to Knock's house, and saw Evans's wife at the door; I went again next morning between five and six o'clock, before they were up, I heard somebody bolting the street door as See original I knocked, I looked through the window and saw a pair of boots; I knocked again and Knock's wife looked out of the window - She let me in in about ten minutes; I could not find Evans, I searched all the rooms - I told them who I wanted, they did not assist me-at last I went to the dust-hole, I put my stick through a hole and felt something soft and pulled a waistcoat out-it was warm; I searched further and found the prisoner, Evans, there and secured him.

(Property produced and sworn to.)

KNOCK'S Defence. I intended to look at the house, I found a man down stairs who ran out. Norton came and took me.

Evans's Defence. I was not there.

KNOCK - GUILTY . Aged 39.

EVANS - GUILTY . Aged 40.

Transported for Seven Years .

Third Middlesex Jury, before Mr. Common Sergeant.