Mid North Coast Pioneers - Newcastle to Lismore and beyond

Walter James GREGORY + Ada Elizabeth JENNINGS

5 children
Nina Clarice GREGORY
Birth: November 15, 1906 28 22Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
Death: May 22, 1930Petersham, New South Wales, Australia
Thelma Mary GREGORY
Birth: April 2, 1909 30 24Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
Death: September 20, 1970Eugowra, New South Wales, Australia
Gregory - Hubert James - Military RecordHubert James GREGORY
Birth: July 2, 1911 33 27Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
Death: August 18, 1987Dundas, New South Wales, Australia
Pearl Helena GREGORY
Birth: April 18, 1918 39 33Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
Death: December 13, 2002Long Jetty, New South Wales, Australia

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Family group information
Marriage August 1, 1906
Publication: Sydney, NSW, Australia. Fairfax Ltd.
Citation details: Published 23 November, 1956.

The Relatives and Friends of the Family of the late ADA ELIZABETH GREGORY of 41 Esher Street, Burwood (widow of Walter James Gregory) are invited to attend her Funeral to leave the Metropolitan Funeral Homes, Railway Parade, Burwood, This Day afterservice commencing at 10.30am for the Church of England Cemetery, Rookwood. METROPOLITAN BURIAL AND CREMATION SOCIETY Railway Parade, Burwood. UJ 2178-9

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Residence 1930
Address: 102 Palace Street
Residence 1936
Address: 41 Esther Street
Residence February 6, 1941
Address: 41 Esher Street
Residence 1955
Address: 41 Esher Street,