Mid North Coast Pioneers - Newcastle to Lismore and beyond

Dr. Samuel HELLOWELL + Dorothy Lilian “Dot or Pidge” MURDOCH

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This family remained childless

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Family group information
Marriage October 16, 1968

Publication: 5 October 2010
Residence between August 1968 and 1975
Publication: 5 October 2010
Note: Dorothy married Sam Hellowell in October 1968 and they moved to Denman in the upper Hunter Valley, where Sam was the GP and Dorothy was his receptionist. There had not been a doctor in Denman for 7 years. Sam adored Dorothy and they had a wonderful and interesting life together. (They Moved to Denman in August 1968 and Dorothy lived at the pub until their marriage on 16.10 1968).
Residence 1975
Address: Lake Street
Publication: 5 October 2010
Number of children