Mid North Coast Pioneers - Newcastle to Lismore and beyond

Victor Hilarius PETTERSON + Emily Jane IRVINE

6 children
Frederick Hugo PETTERSON
Birth: June 10, 1891 28 19Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Death: April 18, 1904Mackay, Queensland, Australia
Victor Alexander PETTERSON
Birth: October 2, 1893 30 22Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Death: 1976Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Australian Army CrestWallis James PETTERSSON
Birth: June 20, 1904 41 32Mackay, Queensland, Australia
Death: September 27, 1986Queensland, Australia

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Family group information
Marriage July 28, 1890
Publication: Manning Wallamba Family History Society Inc, Taree NSW, 2001
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Marriage registration: Emily Irvine Marriage date: 28/07/1890 Spouse's name: Victor Hilarius Pettersson Registration details: 1890/B/14271

Citation details: 17 August 2019

In part:

"Emily married 1890 in Brisbane and died in Mackay in 1906 the Victor married Jesse who was sent by her father to look after the 5 surviving children of Emily and later married Victor in 1912"

Residence between 1894 and 1895
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In 1894 or 1895 Victor and Emily moved to Mackay

Note: They moved to Mackay about this time.
Pettersson residence in Mackay
Pettersson residence in Mackay

Note: Image kindly provided by Gregory Petterson.