Mid North Coast Pioneers - Newcastle to Lismore and beyond

Arthur Augustus WINTERBURN + Ada Elizabeth LUCAS

1 child

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Marriage 1878
Citation details: 1 November 2010

In part:

Flora Lilian Lucas. Father Arthur Augustus Winterburn, born 30 June 1855 (NZ bdm. ref number 1855/1493) in Nelson. he was a Postmaster and if you just google his name, information will come up about him. There was quite a lot about his appointment in Temuka in 1902. Fantastic looking building, a heritage one now. The family lived upstairs on the top floor. He died in 1923. (1923/9027)

Mother Ada Elizabeth Lucas (sister of my gr grandfather) born 3 Aug. 1861 in Christchurch where her father was the Canterbury Provincial Govt. Gazetted Printer. She died in 1894. They were married 1878 (1878/1148). probably in Christchurch.He later married a sister, Ella Gertrude Lucas.

Note: There is some doubt as to whether they were married in Christchurch.