Mid North Coast Pioneers - Newcastle to Lismore and beyond

Francis LETTERS + Sophia “Sophie” BASTIAN

4 children

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Marriage January 26, 1897
Citation details: 9 March 2010

Hello Stuart,

Many thanks for replying so quickly.

I am that Judith Knox.

Rebecca was 54 when she died.

Rebecca and Henry Bastian did not have any children. Sophie was not Henry Bastian’s daughter, my grandmother did not know this until she was an adult.

Rebecca's daughter Sophie (b.20.2.1870/71 – have not found the Birth Certificate* died 14.8.1954 Vaucluse Sydney) married Francis Letters, born in Alloa Scotland 6.6.1858 and died at Annandale Sydney 27.7.1931.

Sophie and Francis were married on 26.1.1897.

They had 4 sons all born in Gympie, Queensland. Francis Joseph Henry Letters 6.12.1897 - 23.9.1964 Louis Gilbert Letters 15.2.1899 - 24.10.1973 Napoleon (Leon) Ignatius Letters 9.6.1901 – 12.7.1979 Charles Stanislaus Letters 30.1.1905 – 24.1.1952 (died unmarried)

Leon Letters was my father, I am his eldest. I was born Judith Elizabeth Letters on 4.4.1943 in Coonamble NSW and married David Wykeham Knox (b.27.12.1935 in Bowral NSW) on 23.4.1970 in Sydney. We have 5 children and 2 grandchildren – so far. 1 sister and 1 brother.

Henry Bastian has been very difficult to find. I have spent about 30 years trying to find him. The Marriage Certificate had his name as “Henry Paztian” and he was supposed to be from Germany. No parents’ names were given for either Henry or Sophie although he was described as a “Mariner”. Henry’s Death Certificate said that his father was a Mariner, so perhaps there was some truth in the story that he was “born at sea and died at sea” as we had been told. One branch of the family say that he was a member of the “Plymouth Brethren” and was “drummed out of his church for marrying outside the faith”. I don’t know how true that is. I note from his Death Certificate that no Clergy was present. He was 52 when he died – he was the Master of the Steamer “Little Nell” which capsized. His cargo was a tug. I am still looking for his birth. I am trying to find the exact date of Thomas Weller's birth although I understand he was born in 1820.

At the present time I am collating BDM’S and other information for my children, siblings and cousins - it is a bigger job that I thought as I keep on finding more and more stuff.

  • I think I may have found a fictitious Birth Registration for her at Brisbane Waters District at “Blue Gum Flat”. We were told she was born in Melbourne but my brother said that he thinks that he has something somewhere which says that she was born somewhere near that area.

    When I have myself organized I will send your information on our families.

    Best wishes Judith Knox Sydney