Mid North Coast Pioneers - Newcastle to Lismore and beyond

Thomas George MORGAN + Jane GRIBBLE

6 children
Thomas Lawrence MORGAN
Birth: December 27, 1873 28 25Queensland, Australia
Death: January 31, 1926Charters Towers, , Queensland, Australia
Elsie May MORGAN
Birth: August 20, 1885 40 37Queensland, Australia
Death: August 27, 1899Queensland, Australia

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Family group information
Marriage February 28, 1871
Citation details: 1871/569 Gribble Jane Morgan Thomas George
Citation details: 24 February 2010

Hi Stuart,

My connection is through : Jane Gribble (daughter of Thomas Gribble and Jane Irwin), then Alice Maude Morgan (daughter of Thomas George Morgan and Jane Gribble), then Evelyn Maud Pope (daughter Thomas Henry Pope and Alice Maude Morgan) then Mayse Dowling (daughter of George Dowling and Evelyn Maud Pope), then Marlene Young (daughter of Albert George Young/Paish and Mayse Dowling), then me, Yolonda Wyatt (nee Bond - Daughter of Ivor Bond and Marlene Young). I have a photo of Alice Maude Morgan.

Let me know which is your family line.

The detailed Convict info/description of Thomas Gribble stated he was married and had 1 male child. In the Bristol/Gloucestershire Marriages 1800-1837 Part 5 - 28/9/1829 Thomas Gribble and Hester Avery (botp - St Phillip and St Jacob parish).

From other rellies they state the son's name was Jessie and died young (this I still need to research) but it could be true as Thomas had a 'J and stars' tattoo on his arm.

I got your link from Claim a Convict is this the web site your refering to?

Good to hear from you.

regards Yolonda