Mid North Coast Pioneers - Newcastle to Lismore and beyond

Alexander McLEAN + Clara Fanny Ann MILLS

11 children

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Marriage February 24, 1870
Citation details: 15 March 2010

Dear Stuart,

I have been tidying up loose ends with our McLEAN family and we can now definitely eliminate this marriage and the people involved. See the following certificate:

Qld-Transcription of Marriage: Alexander McLEAN & Clara Fanny Ann MILLS. 1870. Reg# 1870/197. *When and where married: 24th February 1870, Ipswich. *Names and surnames of parties: Alexander McLEAN; Clara Fanny Ann MILLS. *Condition of the parties: Bachelor; Spinster. *Birthplace: Queanbeyan N.S. Wales; Louisa Creek, Macquarrie, N.S. Wales. Married at the Wesleyan Parsonage, Ipswich. * According to the rites of the Wesleyan Church. *Rank or profession: Farmer; Private Life. *Age: 27 years; 16 years. *Usual place of residence: Fassifern; Fassifern. *Father's name and surname, Mother's name and maiden surname: Robert McLean and Sophia Milman; Henry Phillip Mills and Louisa Newbould. *Father's rank or profession: Labourer; Farmer. *This Marriage was solemnized between us: Alexander McLEAN & Clara Fanny Ann MILLS. *In the presence of us: Richard Curtis, Sarah Anne Curtis. *By (or before me): John Gardiner Officiating Minister. *

Your records will show that our Roderick should have had the following parents:

Name and Surname of Father: John McLEAN

Name and maiden surname of mother: Grace McGUINESS (McINNES/ McINNIS)

Similarly our Roderick would have been aged 19 and not 27 at the time of the above marriage, and our Roderick was b. 21 Dec 1851 Tomago NSW, NOT Queanbeyan NSW.

The death certificate I sent to you earlier suggests that our Roderick never married.

Best regards,


Citation details: 1870/C197 McLean Alexander Mills Clara Fanny Ann
Citation details: 23 July 2009

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John McLean m Grace McInnes/McGuinnes child #10 of 11 kids Alexander RODERICK McLean b 21 Dec 1851 (reg 1852) (mother’s name not given at birth) in Tomago NSW bp 23 March 1852 in Parish of Butterwick named in his fathers will 1871 and left property 1877 from it but after his monther died. d 1902 in Queensland parents as John McLean & Grace McGinmas m 1870 Clara Fanny Ann Mills in Queensland (m as Alexander McLean)

Children 8 1 Isabella Maria McLean b 1874 parents as Roderick & Clara Fanney Mills 2 William Mills McLean b 1876 parents as Roderick & Clara Fanny Anne Mills 3 Alexander Roderick McLean b 1878 parents as Roderick & Clara Fanny Mills 4 Margaret McLean b 1880 parents as Roderick & Clara Mills 5 Edward Arthur McLean b 1882 parents as Roderick & Clara Mills 6 Lottie Jane McLean b 1884 parents as Roderick & Clara Fanny Ann Mills 7 Florence Amelia McLean b 1886 parents as Roderick & Clara Mills 8 Edgar Leonard McLean b 1891 parents as Alexander Roderick & Clara Fanny Mills