Mid North Coast Pioneers - Newcastle to Lismore and beyond

Frederick John MAYER + Jessie Diane LITTLE

9 children
Iris Maud MAYER
Birth: about 1908 22 24Boolarra, , Victoria, Australia
Death: November 21, 1941Sale, , Victoria, Australia
Robert Edward MAYER
Birth: November 11, 1921 36 37Boolarra, , Victoria, Australia
Death: April 18, 1993Boolarra, , Victoria, Australia

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Marriage August 26, 1904
Citation details: 31 MAR 2009

Ok here we go again Name Born Were Married Were Died Were Buried Frederick John Mayer 15 Jun 1885 South Yarra Vic 26 Aug 1904 South Yarra 7 July1946 Boolarra Boolarra Jessica Dianne Little ( Jessie ) 1884 Richmond Vic " " " " 3 Dec 1946 MirboEast Boolarra

Children Born Were Married Who Died Were

Ida Florence Mayer 1906 Carlton Vic 1934 Frank Westendorf Iris Maud Mayer 1908 Boolarra Vic 1935 Charles Powling 21 Nov 1941 Sale Vic Stella Marion Mayer 1909 Boolarra Vic 1939 Authur William Littlejohn 1980 Ruby Mary Mayer 1910 Boolarra Vic 1932 Leslie Francis Osbourne 1973 John Frederick David Mayer 15 Nov 1911 Boolarra N/A 28 Aug 1955 Maxwell James Mayer Valma Lesley Mayer 1920 Boolarra Robert Edward Mayer 11 Nov 1921 Boolarra TBA Dorthy Clara Cooper 18 April 1993 Boolarra Ernest Albert Mayer 1923 boolarra TBA Mary Fowler 12 May 1971

Army Services Frederick John Mayer WW1 3th Pioneers Battalion enlisted 2 Feb 1916 discharged 28 July 1919 Regtl No. 1569 Pte Western Front John Frederick David Mayer WW2 2/8th Battalion enlisted 20 June 1940 discharged 1 April 1946 Army No. VX29182 Corporal Middle East, Greece

Robert Edward Mayer is a bit of a strange on that I'm still looking at he has two Army Nos. VX107276 and V265015

The photos are of Frederick John Mayer and Jessie Little he looks to good for this photo to be taken after the war so i pretty sure it would have been taken early 1916. The other is of John Frederick David Mayer the fill photo is of him and Max. Max looks healthier in this photo then his wedding photo so it would have been taken 1940 before going over seas.

Fred Jnr

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