Mid North Coast Pioneers - Newcastle to Lismore and beyond

Bertie SHELLEY + Irene Elaine DINSDALE

1 child

Parents Grandparents
Birth: May 29, 1901 30 28Lucknow, New South Wales, Australia
Death: June 26, 1964Concord, New South Wales, Australia

Irene Elaine DINSDALE
Birth: September 16, 1895 31 31Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia
Death: May 3, 1974Concord, New South Wales, Australia
Family group information
Marriage July 13, 1925
Publication: Various Word documents sent by Paul Scott to Stuart via email on 10 January 2009..
Citation details: Scott Ancestor Tree No. 1
Publication: Internet search site.
Citation details: 1925/C2788 Shelley Bertie Dinsdale Irene Elaine