Mid North Coast Pioneers - Newcastle to Lismore and beyond

William BUTTS + Catharine MALONE

1 child
Birth: December 10, 1794 31 24Parramatta, , New South Wales, Australia
Death: January 1797Parramatta, , New South Wales, Australia

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Family group information
Religious marriage June 5, 1794
Address: St. John's Church of England
Citation details: V1794270 3A/1794 BUTTS WILLIAM MALONE CATHARINE CB
Butts - William and Malone - Catharine
Butts - William and Malone - Catharine

Note: Certificate kindly supplied by Trish Cation.

Note: The is some doubt as to the actual day this marriage took place.
Residence 1801
Note: Catherine and William Butts had 30 acres, of which 24 were cleared, 12 sown with wheat and with 8 ho…
Separated before 1806
Publication: Coogee, N.S.W. : B. Hall, 2002 xvii, 267. ;21cm ISBN 0958149909
Note: William was living on his 30 acres at the Northern Boundary, with his convict worker John Chadick [Fortune] the only other person on the property. Marsden's Female Muster noted her as married in New South Wales, with no children.

On 27 October 1805 in the Sydney Gazette:

William Butts, Settler, hereby Forbids any person accrediting on his account Catherine Butts, his Wife (formerly Catherine Malone), as no debt or debts by her contracted will be acknowledged or discharge by him, the said William Butts.