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Citation details: 28 July 2008

I have also attached some newspaper clips regarding Eva for your information. She played a very important place in our family.

Eva's date of birth is 8 Nov 1894 her death date 25 July 2001. Eva was a very strong person she lived on her own until her early ninety's looking after herself. She fell when doing one of her walks and broke her hip so that how she end up in the nursing home. But generally she had good health she was only really sick for about a week or two before she died.

Alfred Ernest Stone was born 21 Mar 1877 to Alfred Stone & Mary Ann Taylor. He served in WWI My great nanna was his second marriage.

He was gas in WWI and died when my grandmother Joan was about 6 years old in 1937 cause of death was due to the gasing.

Divorce before January 1916