Mid North Coast Pioneers - Newcastle to Lismore and beyond

William Samuel MUDFORD + Violet Harriet COOPER

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Violet Harriet COOPER
Birth: March 3, 1896 40 44Granville, New South Wales, Australia
Death: November 30, 1974New South Wales, Australia
Family group information
Marriage April 22, 1916
Citation details: Email 8 Apr 2008

William Samuel Mudford (born 21 Dec 1886) married Violet Harriet Cooper (born 1896 in Granville, New South Wales) on 22 April 1916. Violet Harriet Cooper was the younger sister of my grandmother Elizabeth Victoria Cooper (born 13 Feb 1884 in Ryde, New South Wales). My grandmother married Ernest Wadsworth (born 3 May 1883 in Yorkshire, England) on 21 Apr 1908 in Enmore, New South Wales. Ernest and Elizabeth Wadsworth had only one child, my father, Arthur Ernest Wadsworth (born 30 Dec 1909 in Stanmore). I am the fourth child of Arthur Ernest Wadsworth and my full name is Ronald Neil Wadsworth.

Apart from myself, all the people mentioned above are deceased in the state of New South Wales.

William Samuel Mudford died 16 March 1959 in East Maitland. Violet Harriet Mudford (nee Cooper) died in 1974. Elizabeth Victoria Wadsworth (nee Cooper) died 15 Jan 1974 at Kogarah Hospital. Ernest Wadsworth died 20 Sep 1944 at Paddington. Arthur Ernest Wadsworth died 11 Sep 1992 at Kingsgrove.

Note: Violet was the younger sister of William's first wife, Lilian (Lillie) who died in 1915.