Mid North Coast Pioneers - Newcastle to Lismore and beyond

Robert HORSEY + Emily Jane JEFFRESS

7 children
Birth: about 1886 25 25Petersham, , New South Wales, Australia
Death: about 1919Redfern, , New South Wales, Australia
Ada Evelyn HORSEY
Birth: about 1889 28 28Newtown, , New South Wales, Australia
Death: about 1889Ashfield, , New South Wales, Australia
Birth: about 1890 29 29Petersham, , New South Wales, Australia
Death: about 1955Newtown, , New South Wales, Australia
Birth: about 1892 31 31Petersham, , New South Wales, Australia
Death: about 1898Petersham, , New South Wales, Australia
Birth: about 1894 33 33Petersham, , New South Wales, Australia
Death: September 7, 1986Port Macquarie, , New South Wales, Australia
May Victoria HORSEY
Birth: about 1898 37 37Petersham, , New South Wales, Australia
Death: about 1979New South Wales, Australia

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Family group information
Marriage July 3, 1883
Citation details: 2546/1883 HORSEY ROBERT JEFFRIES EMILY J GLEBE
Citation details: 19 JUN 2008

Robert Horsey was born on the 25th of October, 1860 at the Randwick Benevolent Asylum. His mother was Mary Horsey, aged 23, born in England. The birth certificate is marked "Illegitimate" across the sections where the father's name and marriage details would normally go. I have obtained a copy of the certificate from NSW BDM (Ref 1860/002108) and would be happy to send a copy to you if you would like one. As a matter of interest, there is also a listing in BDM for William Horsey with the next reference number, and then a death certificate for the same day. So it seems Mary had twins and only one survived. It seems Robert was left at the asylum as an orphan, or "abandoned child" as they were known. I also have a copy of Mary's shipping/immigration records showing that she arrived in Sydney in 1856 on board the Winifred. This document shows her father as Robert Horsey (after whom she named her son) and her mother as Elizabeth Owen. I could not stop myself from chasing up Mary's life after that, and she married Matthew Sullivan in 1863 and lived happily ever after! The marriage certificate lists her parents the same as on the shipping records. You may be aware that Robert's death certificate shows his father as Robert Horsey and his mother as Mary, with maiden name unknown, but this is incorrect as the surname Horsey is that of Mary.

Publication: August 2008
Note: Note the spelling of Jeffress as Jeffries on the NSW Marriage Index entry.