Mid North Coast Pioneers - Newcastle to Lismore and beyond

Thomas Patrick GRAY + Rita Lily AMOS

No known children

Parents Grandparents
Thomas Patrick GRAY
Birth: December 17, 1890 41 32Tallawudjah Creek, New South Wales, Australia
Death: July 1, 1969Casino, New South Wales, Australia

Rita Lily AMOS
Birth: February 6, 1900 31 28Ulmarra, New South Wales, Australia
Death: April 24, 1952Casino, New South Wales, Australia
Family group information
Religious marriage April 5, 1926
Address: St. Mary Magdelaine Church
Religion: Roman Catholic
Citation details: 6214/1926 GRAY THOMAS P AMOS RITA L CASINO
Quality of data: primary evidence
Publication: Various emails and documents kindly provided by Maria
Citation details: Word Doc