Mid North Coast Pioneers - Newcastle to Lismore and beyond

Thomas BLACK + Ellen Ruth “Nell” REEVES

No known children

Parents Grandparents
Thomas BLACK
Birth: April 15, 1863 34 26Ghinni Creek, , New South Wales, Australia
Death: October 29, 1949Ryde, , New South Wales, Australia

Ellen Ruth “Nell” REEVES
Birth: about 1872 32Ryde, , New South Wales, Australia
Death: May 2, 1959Five Dock, , New South Wales, Australia
Family group information
Marriage about 1912
Publication: London, John J. Murdoch, Brown's Self Interpreting Bible, publication date not known
Citation details: 11180/1912 BLACK THOMAS REEVES ELLEN R RYDE
Residence 1913
Residence 1930
Address: 16 Mons Street
Residence 1943
Address: 57 Mons Street
Number of children

Note: I am unable to find any relevant birth registrations in NSW.