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Marriage 1791

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Alternative Names Manning, Sarah Painter, Sarah Birth 1761 England

Death 5 October 1839 Bagdad, Tasmania, Australia

Cultural Heritage English Passenger Ship Lady Julianna (1790) Second Fleet (1789-90) Occupation convict

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Paynter, Sarah (1761–1839)

Sarah Manning was sentenced to seven years' transportation for stealing clothing from a house. She arrived at Port Jackson aboard the Lady Juliana in 1790 and was sent to Norfolk Island. By 1794 she was living with James Paynter. It seems they married in 1791 in the mass wedding that occurred on the island. No children were recorded.

James Paynter moved to New South Wales in 1794 and married Sarah Stubbs. Sarah Manning went to Van Dieman's Land in 1808. She died at Bagdad in October 1839 still using the surname 'Painter'.