Mid North Coast Pioneers - Newcastle to Lismore and beyond

William Joseph LINDORE + Anna MacGregor “Annie” MOHR

4 children
Annie Margaret LINDORE
Birth: about 1905 29 23Brisbane, , Queensland, Australia
Death: February 8, 1907Brisbane, , Queensland, Australia
Alexandra LINDORE
Birth: about November 3, 1909 34 27
Death: November 3, 1909Brisbane, , Queensland, Australia
Thelma Hazel MOHR
Birth: March 25, 1913Roma, , Queensland, Australia
Death: January 15, 2011Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California, United States of America

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Family group information
Marriage about 1902
Citation details: 1902 B1554 Anna Macgregor Mohr James William Lindore
Residence October 1914

Adrienne Parks in an email of August 2012 stated: "Stan Wallis married my mother sister, Isabelle Teresa Lindore". Although unclear, it seems from this and other parts of her email, that Thelma Hazel LINDORE was a child of this family and was a sister of Isabel Theresa Maud. I have found the following birth registration in Queensland:

1932 4659 Thelma Hazel Lindore James William

There was no mother's name recorded.

I have found the following marriage record in NSW:


In an email of August 2012, Adrienne stated "The Thelma a Hazel Lindore is my late mother". Adrienne confirmed in an email of December 2016 which included: "I've been researching my mother's sister's husband, Albert "Stan" John Wallis of Taree, NSW,"

From this it would appear that there is something wrong about the above birth registration as, if correct, Thelma would only have been 12 years of age in 1944.

Adrienne has subsequently advised in an email of 13 August 2018:

"I see you are confused by the copy of the birth certificate you located which states: "1932 4659 Thelma Hazel Lindore James William" This is not an original. When my mother was born in 1913, her whole and entire birth certificate gaveher biological mother as Johanna Christina Theresa Isabel Mohr (who is a younger sister of Annie Mohr Lindore).So Johanna gave my mother to her younger sister. They adopted her. Does that clear up your confusion. I can guarantee you that mum was born 25 March 1913, Roma Hospital, Brisbane."