Mid North Coast Pioneers - Newcastle to Lismore and beyond

William Henry Ralston McCLYMONT + Sarah CARTER

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All known records indicate Sarah Jane (1862-1946) as being the daughter of William Henry Ralston McCLYMONT and Annie BUTLER and NOT the daughter of Sarah CARTER.

Jennifer Lavis has written in an email of 23 March 2018:

"There was a story that came to light about 10 yrs ago from vicki grieves ( in her book) that Annie butler wasn't sarahs mother . That a sarah carter was. But our family had never heard this . What i was trying to say to you earlier is i think they have mixed up john pipers story with williams . Someone has heard sarah mcclymont mentioned and just assumed it was our sarah."

SourceEmails - Susan Smith
Citation details: 9 November 2016

In part:

"for his daughter Sarah Jane 1862 – 1946, whose mother Sarah Carter had died."

Note: First began corresponding in 2010.