Mid North Coast Pioneers - Newcastle to Lismore and beyond

Roderick McFADYEN + Sarah McDONALD

9 children
Woman Pioneer IconFlora McFADYEN
Birth: about December 1827 26 21Isle of Coll, Argyll, Scotland, United Kingdom
Death: September 24, 1868Morpeth, New South Wales, Australia
Birth: May 1, 1840 39 34
Death: 1842Isle of Coll, Argyll, Scotland, United Kingdom
Male PioneerHugh McFADYEN
Birth: January 28, 1843 42 37Isle of Coll, Argyll, Scotland, United Kingdom
Death: about 1889Morpeth, New South Wales, Australia
Male PioneerJames Roderick McFADYEN
Birth: December 14, 1847 46 41Argyll, Scotland, United Kingdom
Death: March 25, 1883Narrowgut, New South Wales, Australia

Parents Grandparents

Isabella CAMERON
Birth: 1789Isle of Coll, Argyll, Scotland, United Kingdom
Death: about 1841Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Family group information
Marriage August 29, 1826
Citation details: 13 June 2016

I’ve been do some research on the McFadyens of Morpeth and I’ll give you progresive information as I gather sources and add that to my information.

Roderick McFadyen/McFadden of Arivorich Isle of Coll Married Marion/Sarah McDonald of Grishipoll Isle of Coll, 29 August 1826 (OPR Vol 2 Page 8) Left London England 28 May 1856 aboard the vessel “Lloyds” arrived Sydney 4/10 September 1856

Roderick 50 years old Sarah 50 Flora 28 John 26 Isabella 25 Lachlan 18 Hugh 12 James 9

Reel 2138 [4/4793]; Reel 2474 [4/4962] Under the name McFayden

Roderick McFadyen died 1870 Morpeth, New South Wales BDM 4529/1870 Sarah McDonald died 1871 Morpeth, New South Wales BDM 4415/1871

These ties in with your Lachlan McFadyen died 20 July 1923 Morpeth, New South Wales DBM 11330/1923 Hugh McFadyen died 1889 New South Wales DBM 11422/1889

I hope this helps

Publication: Legacy Family History file.