Mid North Coast Pioneers - Newcastle to Lismore and beyond

Arthur Caulfield Mervyn HOLST + Doris May SHOVE

4 children
Valerie Catherine HOLST
Birth: April 11, 1941 36 24Collie, Western Australia, Australia
Death: November 16, 2000Como, Western Australia, Australia
Eric Walter HOLST
Birth: October 4, 1943 38 27Collie, Western Australia, Australia
Death: April 4, 2015Rockingham, Western Australia, Australia

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Family group information
Religious marriage March 3, 1933
Address: St. Alban's Highgate Hill
Religion: Anglican
Publication: Word Document emailed on 16 May 2016.
Citation details: Shove Doris M Female Holst Arthur M Male Perth 271 1933
Note: The WA Biographical Index has this marriage occurring on 6 February 1933.
Residence 1958
Residence 1980
Address: 1/12a Chappel Street
Number of children

Publication: Word Document emailed on 16 May 2016.