Mid North Coast Pioneers - Newcastle to Lismore and beyond

William HOOLE + Ellen SULLIVAN

6 children

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Marriage December 24, 1838
Publication: Word Doc
Note: I am unable to find any relevant marriage registrations for this marriage in 1838.

In an email Joanne Parfitt has written:

"Hi Stuart,

I've just come across your site in relation to my research on the my 3rd great grandmother, Ellen Hoole. Ellen Hoole has been my brick wall for a few years now. It looks to be my Ellen BUT what I know is not adding up with the details on your site. Ellen Hoole married George Byrnes (Burns as per NSW BDM) on 16 January 1860 at Walcha. On her marriage certificate no father was listed however her mother was listed as a Ann Griffin. Her birthplace was given on the certificate as Walcha however the Obit that appeared in The Catholic Press states that she was born at sea on her parents trip to Australia.

Are you able to help me out? Is it possible that Ellen was not the biological daughter of Ellen Sullivan but adopted as one of her own. I noticed that she was 51 at the time of Ellen's birth.

Any light you can shed on this mystery would be highly appreciated.

Kind Regards, Joanne (nee Moffatt)"