Mid North Coast Pioneers - Newcastle to Lismore and beyond

Cyrus HUXLEY + Margaret Regetta MARTIN

1 child

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Residence 1892
Publication: Newspaper - Sydney - 1869 - 1931
Citation details: 11 May 1892, page 4
Schrader - Augustus and Margaret - Divorce
Schrader - Augustus and Margaret - Divorce

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Note: There seems to be some inconsistencies in this article. Firstly it states that Augustus and Margaret were married in 1858 in Spring Valley, near Wagga Wagga. This would mean that Margaret would have been only 9 years of age. I therefore suspect that this is a typo and should be 1868, which is when their marriage was registered in Armidale. This raises the issue of where they were married. I have found a Spring Valley just a little south west of Goulburn, but nothing near Wagga Wagga. In view of other circumstantial information, I suspect they were married in Spring Valley, near Goulburn.

Not marriedyes

Note: Apparently they did not marry but lived together.