Mid North Coast Pioneers - Newcastle to Lismore and beyond

William Henry ROBSON + Harriet Ellen SMITH

No known children

Parents Grandparents
William Henry ROBSON
Birth: November 18, 1884 31 21Cundletown, , New South Wales, Australia
Death: September 3, 1976New South Wales, Australia

Harriet Ellen SMITH
Birth: about 1878 32 31Manning River District (Taree), , New South Wales, Australia
Death: about 1958Auburn, , New South Wales, Australia
Family group information
Marriage June 15, 1914
Citation details: 7507/1912 ROBSON WILLIAM H SMITH HARRIET E TAREE
Publication: Manning Wallamba Family History Society Inc; Taree, NSW;2004
Citation details: 1045 and 1141